About Hudson

Hudson Energy Development, LLC ("Hudson") is a New York-based energy development company recently founded by several of the most experienced and successful energy industry professionals now active in the region's renewable energy market.

William Moore, Tim Daniels and Patrick Doyle together have worked in various aspects of the electric power and energy industries in New York State and elsewhere for several decades, and have been involved in the development and financing of hundreds of megawatts of new clean power projects, both wind and solar. This broad base of experience in project development, finance, and industry thought leadership gives Hudson the ability to help lead the transition of today's highly centralized, fossil-fuel-based electric grid to a cleaner, and more decentralized, low-carbon future.

Hudson is focused on developing new energy supply projects that seek to integrate some of the emerging technologies most critical to the radical transformation now underway in the electric power industry:

  • Low-cost, utility-scale solar and wind energy systems;
  • High-tech energy management, demand response and control systems that fall under the rubric of "smart grid" or "microgrid" technology; and,
  • Advanced energy storage and distributed, dispatchable generation platforms.

The strategic integration of these technologies into the grid will be critical to meeting the central challenge facing the electric utility industry today: maintaining reliability and power quality while significantly increasing the penetration of intermittent renewable resources into our electricity supply mix.