Flint Mine Solar Project

The Flint Mine Solar project is a 100MWac solar photovoltaic facility being developed in the southwestern corner of the Town of Coxsackie, New York by an affiliate of Hudson Energy Development.

As this project is a “Major Electric Generating Facility” under Article 10 of the New York State Public Service Law, siting review of this proposed generating facility will be conducted by the NYS Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment.

Under the rules of the Siting Board, the project’s sponsor must initiate the regulatory review process by first filing a “Public Information Plan” (known as a “PIP”) with the NYS Department of Public Service. The PIP for the Flint Mine Solar project will be published on this website later in January, 2018.

The PIP for the Flint Mine Solar project will formally introduce the project to the local community, stakeholders and other interested parties; describe the Article 10 process to the local community; outline future activities related to sharing project information; and establish how the public can participate in the stakeholder process by asking questions and providing comments.

As will be detailed in the PIP and at subsequent outreach events, the sponsors of the Flint Mine Solar project have endeavored to find a relatively concealed project location, in order to insure that the low-profile solar electric generating plant will be largely hidden from view from any nearby residential properties, as well as from NYS 9-W and the other major thoroughfares in the project area. The sponsors have also drafted a mitigation plan to minimize impacts on local archaeological resources and wildlife habitats that may exist on some of the former farm fields that are proposed to host this solar photovoltaic project.

The 100MWac Flint Mine Solar project, if approved by the Siting Board, will annually generate approximately 175,000 MWh of clean electricity, roughly equivalent to the average annual electricity requirements of all the 21,000 households in Greene County.